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Newest Heidi

I’m truly delighted with this Heidi (which I have been working on in ten-minute bursts for WEEKS, it’s been so hectic here). even though it appears like nothing in the picture:

It’s this lovely heavy cotton with a thin orange stripe. believe a cross between ticking as well as seersucker. bought it from material Mart Fabrics, extremely cheap!

I plan to wear it with a white sweatshirt as well as an orange watch, or perhaps an orange sweatshirt as well as a white watch, as well as white cent loafers. as well as then I will eat a Creamsicle. 

Here’s a closeup of the fabric/pocket: 

See? extremely subtle, for me. except for it being ORANGE.

I likewise took some more photos of previously-constructed Heidi gowns as well as will try to publish some this week. stay tuned!


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