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NY fashion Week: Tuleh autumn 2006

Unlike Atoosa Rubenstein, who stated “I feel like I want to begin starving myself so I can wear those clothes now” I wouldn’t provide up so much as a Raisinette for this one.

For one thing, it’s quite much this pattern, isn’t it? I mean, they’re truly similar. as well as I’ve already tried new look 6348! Although, granted, not in black satin. In fact, there are a great deal of things I haven’t tried in black satin, however that doesn’t indicate they’re making it on my life list.

I am intentionally not speculating whether Tuleh has started some fascinating new padded garments pattern or whether the professional photographer just caught the design mid-wiggle.

The Getty pictures had some a lot more photos of Tuleh dresses, some with big same-fabric increased corsages, which were much less wearable however somehow a lot more attractive. I’d link however their server has timed out on me. I understand y’all can discover ’em.

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