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What to expect when you’re not expecting.

Jen (from Mom’s Patterns) sent me this photo of a Duro-esque gown … it’s extremely close, as well as honestly, if it were my size I may have jumped at. If it were my size, as well as not a pregnancy DRESS, I would have.

Ah, pregnancy clothing. Ugh, pregnancy clothing. I know, I know, it gets cuter every year, as well as those of you who had youngsters in the 1970s or earlier can go ahead as well as tell me in the comments about the bows as well as the infantilizing details as well as the sheer impossibility of discovering anything not shudder-inducing. I really had some great things (I suggest Japanese weekend — secondhand if you can discover it, that stuff’s spendy) however the monotony of using the exact same five things day in as well as day out was soul-deadening, for the most part. I did take pleasure in using a bright orange tee shirt that, in my eighth month, made me look like The excellent Pumpkin, come to provide all the great women as well as kids provides on Halloween. (Too poor it was February.)

Anyway, if I might get past the pregnancy stigma (it’s like getting food poisoning from something as well as not ever being able to eat it again, that’s exactly how I feel about pregnancy clothing) I may even believe about making this. Of all the views in the pattern above, I like the center one. I dislike beige in all of its guises, so I would make it in cherry red or bright eco-friendly with a contrasting band, perhaps floral, perhaps geometric, as well as if any individual asked if I were expecting again, I’d smile, state no, as well as say thanks to them for being interested.

And, while we’re here: NancyKay sent me two links you all need to understand about. First, this from the Sartorialist. Somehow, I believe the lady in that photo as well as I would have a great deal to talk about. Next, this. EVERY color OF tights (and FISHNETS) ever. as well as not at break-the-bank prices, either! My preferred orange fishnets have provided up the ghost as well as I was despairing of discovering replacements. as well as now: despair gone! (Just like pie.)

Maybe I might wear fishnets with the pregnancy dress, as an “I’m NOT pregnant” signifier. (Although they most likely make pregnancy fishnets now.)

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