Cheongsam CornerEast Meets Dress Clothing I keep meaning to do this.

I keep meaning to do this.

The Carnivale of the Couture, I mean. This week’s concern (hosted by I am Fashion) is:

Suprise darling! You have just won the lottery! exactly how will you, the super wonderful fashionable blogger, spend your US$10m winnings? tell us all about your money-spending plan!!

Now, before I answer, I should warn you: I am BORING. Like, when you ask me what I’d take to a desert island, I state “A lifetime supply of flares as well as a flare gun, as well as the food replicator from star Trek. ‘Earl Grey, hot!'” all of my lottery daydreams as much as now have included fully-funding my retirement plan as well as buying genuine estate as well as more life insurance. In short: BORING.

Now, with $10M as well as strict directions to spend it on fashion? That’s easy. I would invest everything (I might get at least three percent return just from CDs, right?) as well as spend the $300K/year producing my own couture studio. I figure $300K/year would pay for two seamstresses (or a seamstress as well as a couple of assistants), a little space, equipment, fabric, as well as spare pins as well as whatnot. I’d saunter in when a week, explain what I desired made, as well as work on some prototypes (just to keep my hand in. I’m sure the personnel would unpick all my seams after I left). When I was satisfied, I’d have mine made, as well as perhaps do some tweaking. then I would publish the style on the internet as well as take restricted orders from other people. Of course, I wouldn’t truly have to make as well much money, since I would have the $10M pouring rate of interest into the project. as well as I would always have *exactly* what I wished to wear!

If I handled to turn a little revenue (or earned more rate of interest on the original $10M) I would begin ending up being even more obsessive, as well as get a textiles designer to make me prints, as well as a shoemaker/leatherworker for shoes as well as bags.

I failed to remember to buy a lottery ticket this week (um, quite much like I fail to remember every week) however I am always prepared to entertain offers from angel investors.

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