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DRESS MEMO: spring / summertime 2016

say thanks to you for your patience while the gown Memo loads!  Also, be sure to view the guide in full screen mode by clicking directly on the page!!


Today, I’m thrilled to show you the spring / summertime 2016 gown Memo!  As you know, for the past 30 days on instagram I have posted a new gown daily for a specific warm-weather occasion.  The ultimate goal was to culminate this gown frenzy with a comprehensive guide to dressing for each spring as well as summertime occasion, as well as I’m so excited to share that guide with you today!


As you may recall, I asked you to fill out a survey a number of months back to tell me more about yourselves as well as what you’d like to see right here on Memorandum.  One of the many things you told me was that your preferred garments product (by far) was dresses!  In addition to this feedback, I started believing about all of the emails that I get from readers.  Some of these emails are styling questions or general nice notes about the blog, but so many of them are specific concerns about what to wear to different events.  Questions like, what do I wear to a barbeque at my boss’s house?  Or, I’m going to a black-tie wedding, do I have to wear a floor-length dress?


As you can see, the collision of this comments as well as the many emails I get from you led me to the idea for the 30 gowns in 30 Days series.  More than just sharing a slew of quite spring as well as summertime dresses, I desired each gown to showcase styling advice for these spring as well as summer occasions, as well as for the series to culminate with a resource guide that offers concrete tips on dressing for each warm-weather event you may face—something that you might come back to as well as recommendation all spring as well as summertime long.  Today, I’m so thrilled to lastly share that extremely resource with you, the spring / summertime 2016 Dress Memo!


Thanks to all of you who have complied with the series throughout this month as well as offered such wonderful feedback.  I hope you enjoy the gown Memo as much as I enjoyed producing it, as well as I hope it serves as a useful resource throughout the next many months!

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