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Hearts as well as Bones

I completed this gown up last weekend:

This right here is the part I like best. I was going to do ordinary red piping, however the reds didn’t match. (And neither did the maroons or blues. I have more piping than a Scottish funeral.)

The striped piping is from Britex. every time I go in I have this bit surge of hope that they’ve decided to bring even more patterned cotton piping, as well as then I see that the options are basically pinstripes, leopard, as well as neon. I’ve bought all the stripey ones; I’m just not truly a leopard-print kinda gal; but I’m sure someday I will handle to prevent the gorge-rising nausea upon seeing neon colors that the early 1980s left me with as well as you will see some fluorescent pink piping right here in these pages.

Here’s an off-center as well as somewhat unfocused front view!

I suppose at this point I should mention that the bodice is simplicity 2389 (again) as well as the skirt (for a change) is BurdaStyle Heidi with some alterations.

What alterations? Well, I added 6″ to the skirt center back as well as front, as well as lengthened the skirt by about 8″ to ensure a deep, deep hem. I truly such as this version of the Heidi skirt — it’s extremely comfortable, as well as for some reason handles to cohere with the 1940s bodice as well as feel contemporary at the exact same time.

I piped the back yoke seam this time, too:

Except I failed to remember that the yoke has to satisfy the dealing with at center back as well as had to kludge in a bit bit more piping. Also, the back dealing with DID NOT want to turn well over that piping bit, so I lastly just stated “this is a style feature” as well as left it at that.

Here you can see the piping satisfying at the underarm (probably one more reason that piping the back is not as great an concept as it may seem), in addition to the pocket piping as well as the zipper:

The whole back view (I’m not sure what was up with the illumination when I took these, weekends have been relatively sunny lately):


This voile is lighter than I’m utilized to, so I believed I may have to line it. instead I settled for a heavier slip than usual as well as cutting the pocket lining as well as neck dealing with from this weird pale pale pink linen/cotton voile I had lying around. since I’m mainly pale pale pink too, it seems to work. I have one more one cut out where the material truly was translucent, so I ended up underlining it in black voile, which is producing a type of goth-flavored mallard color impact (that material is teal).

I ended up using this to a Javascript seminar last week — I hesitated a tiny bit about using something so flat-out girly, as the gender ratio at these things approaches that of your typical offshore oil rig and/or expert football team (only with more ironically-worn mustaches as well as skinnier jeans). however it wasn’t as if I was going to magically ended up being any type of less of an outlier in a ordinary denim gown (choice #2) than I was in this one, as well as since I hadn’t truly used it yet (and truly desired to), on it went.

Honestly, since I’m not looking for a job, I have a whole great deal less danger in using something super-girly at tech conferences. And if I wear something like this, I can set some type of upper bar as well as make other people look moderate in comparison, as well as slowly move the whole bar of “conference wear” further in my direction, right? That’s the plan, anyhow.

It was a overall high-end to be able to go to this conference, by the way. I’ve been dabbling in Node.js for a bit as well as have lastly reached the stage where a small archipelago of scattered understanding is emerging from the receding seawaters of my ignorance. However, I am still looking for navigable channels between the islands, as well as a seminar is one of the fastest methods I understand of to link the dots.

There’s something about going into a talk where you understand nothing about anything in the description, grabbing onto the very first idea tossed out by the presenter that links to anything you know, as well as following along, knot by knot as well as intersection by intersection, up until you have a lovely web with which to catch the entire topic.

Usually when I discover anything new it’s like taking the Tube in London: I get on at one subterranean stop as well as clamber back up the light in a totally different place, as well as couldn’t for the life of me say how to get back to the very first stop overland. going to a seminar is like riding around on the top of a bus: I can lastly see exactly how all the different communities join up as well as exactly how to walk between them. as well as coding is such a lovely city …


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