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T-shirts inspired by Banksy’s art

“If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission”.  This is one of the satirical epigrams that Banksy left for the whole world to see. With his special stenciling technique, the English artist managed to take control of public spaces and make the streets his own. His art created a phenomenon that has been featured on streets, walls, and bridges in cities throughout the world . guess what? You can now get your own Banksy inspired t-shirt.
Banksy t-shirts are all about honoring the distinctive work of the anonymous graffiti artist. They are not official Banksy merchendise, but the site prints quality garments that are hard to replace.  All the artist’s creations are printed on organic cotton. You can find on one of these tees a lot of of Banksys’s art, new or old.
With that in mind, let’s check out some of the designs that you can bu.
Banksy t-shirts inspired by his art
 Banksy’s a lot of distinguished stencil:

Love is in The Air t-shirt:

 Another religious technique inspired by Banksy’s art:

The new Banksy Mobile lovers t-shirt:
img class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-29894″ src=”×645-576×620.jpg” alt=”Banksy’s Lovers” width=”576″ height=”620″ />
This fine looking t-shirt is a tribute to this great piece of modern art:

This is one of Banksy’s a lot of famous works:

Anti-war t-shirt:
Banksy’s ‘Rickshaw Kid’ t-shirt:

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