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The greatest hole In My wintertime wardrobe

LONGLINE CABLE-KNIT CARDIGAN: Co (similar here and under $60 HERE!)  |  WHITE T-SHIRT: James Perse (under $50 dupe HERE!)  |   STRAIGHT-LEG BLACK JEANS: Madewell  |  classic WHITE LOAFERS: Gucci (similar and under $100 HERE!)  |  RED leather carry BAG: Theory  |  RED LIP: Laura Mercier (Cocoa Pout)

I recently came home after a long day and immediately darted into my closet to put on my “nighttime uniform” which typically involves spandex or sweatpants on the bottom and a t-shirt and my old, pilled, worn-out-but-still-so-cozy-and-delicious longline cardigan that’s years (and years and years) old.  I think the cardigan is from… Ann Taylor, maybe?  The identify is no longer with us, so I can’t confirm.  but let me tell you, this thing looks ROUGH.  The kind of rough that makes me not even want to be seen by the Seamless delivery person when answering the door.  and that, my friends, is when you know it’s BAD.  That’s also when you know that you have, in fact, turned into your father.  Rest-assured, my daddy is still working out in Champion t-shirts from the 1970s… like a boss.


But despite the fact that I’ve shamelessly continued to wear this disgusting, dilapidated sweater nightly for many years, it never dawned on me until a few weeks ago when I was putting it on for the 8,000th time that hey, maybe it’s time to upgrade!  It was also at this moment that I realized my adult life has been plagued by a major blind spot when it pertains to sweater shopping.  I’m always purchasing turtlenecks and pullovers—many of which are worn only once or twice a year—but very rarely do I purchase those kinds of cozy, oversized wear-everyday cardigans.  You know, the kinds of terrific knitwear that allows you to wrap yourself up like a human burrito, primed and ready for a couple hours of cold-weather couch time.


In honor of this revelation, it is my new-found mission to show the quintessential longline cardigan the respect that it deserves.  I’m figured out to no longer subject myself, my family, or (most importantly) my trusty Seamless delivery person to the old, dilapidated cardigan of yore (and of questionable provenance).


Whether you’re throwing it on over a sheath dress for a day at the office, your favorite denim and a classic t-shirt for weekend errands, or leggings and a tank for a netflix and chill sesh, there will be no better, a lot more heavily worn layer in your wintertime wardrobe.  I just purchased this cardigan and this cardigan (SO SOFT and DELISH) but check out the full list of my favorites below!

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