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The Hundred Dresses: Day 3

Let’s get right to it, shall we? Day 3 of the Hundred dresses blogathon:

Obviously, another 9929. (You’ll be seeing a lot of these.)

Here’s the back:

You can probably just see that the yellow stripe is not completely flush with the edge of the hem. (I decided that I did not care.)

The side zip on this was a nightmare. The zipper broke, I had to take it out and put it in again, and … well, it was just UNFUN. so that is my excuse for why it is badly placed and why the waist seam doesn’t match up:


What I like most about this dress is how nice it looks with red:

The lighter stripes aren’t white, but a very pale gray, so I really like the red with it, it feels sophisticated to me for some inexplicable reason.  I bought this fabric from but it’s sold out now; there’s an olive/ivory colorway still available that’s really nice.

The pocket lining is from this shirting that I’ve been using as pocket linings for YEARS. It was so pretty yet really wrong for any pattern I ever tried to set it up with. but so right for pocket linings, because it has this subtle texture that feels really nice when you have your hands in your pockets.

And of course it’s not really visible in this photo, but there’s a tonal thing going on with the gray of the pocket lining and the gray of the stripe. trust me, it’s there. I pay an inordinate amount of attention to these things.
I’ve been really into stripey fabrics lately. (I’m not sure if it’s the influence of living so close to Alcatraz now or what.) There are a lot of stripes in the fabric hoard right now, and I’ve been ogling some more. There’s this Japanese fabric that is so perfectly Japan-does-France that it hurts … Anyway, how about y’all? Are you pro- or anti-stripe? (And remember, the idea that horizontal stripes broaden anything other than the mind is pure hokum, says SCIENCE.)

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