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::tap, tap:: Is This thing On?

I’m back!

Okay, so my mad Photoshop skillz are never going to win me the b3ta challenge [warning: that link often nsfw], but I needed to crop the other views off this pattern envelope (click on the image to find out why).

Oh, never mind, I’ll tell you — it’s because one of the other views comes with “dance pants,” that’s why. Do you know what “dance pants” are? It’s a euphemism for “this dress is so freakin’ short you have to make matching underwear.” and the thought of that nearly ruins this dress for me, and this dress is not so bad. even if I did drag it out of a comic-book longbox labeled “BAD 70s PATTERNS”.

Anyway. imagine this dress with narrow sleeves, done in tissue wool jersey in a deep jewel color, possibly with a contrasting silk sash, because that’s what I’m imagining, and this is my guided meditation, okay? got that in your mind’s eye? Good. now relax, breathe, and take pleasure in this image. Don’t think about the dance pants. Damn. Sorry about that.

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