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What occupation and lifestyle changes Are You Making in 2022?

There have been a few interesting threadjacks recently about readers reassessing where they live, who they work for, and even their entire occupation path — so I thought it might be an interesting discussion. Are you reassessing your occupation and lifestyle? Is it in action to the pandemic (or in action to other people’s responses, such as your office going mostly remote), to politics (e.g., deciding to step after Dobbs), climate change, or more? I’m curious – do you feel like the past few years of decreased social outings gave you a lot more time for introspection, and that you have a lot more insight now into what you want or need?
Here are the questions:
Are you changing your lifestyle or occupation in a major way?
How are you going about the changes – what steps are you taking to research or enact the changes?
What do you see the pros and cons of the change?
What do you still NOT know about the change?

We haven’t spoken about how to change your occupation in a major way in a few years… in the past, I’ve identified three things that helped me change my occupation from lawyer to online content creator: 1) research, 2) examine the quality of life differences, 3) identify what you don’t know, 4) network, and 5) make the leap.
I think these steps still help you with major occupation changes as well as major lifestyle changes — although I think the big thing that is #3, which is that you don’t know if or how the next few years of viruses, climate change, politics and a lot more will play out. (For my $.02, it feels like life is going to continue to feel pretty volatile on a lot of these fronts for the foreseeable future.)

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Psst: These are some of our favorite books if you’re considering changing your career:

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