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You understand I will anyway

I truly shouldn’t purchase this hot Patterns “Deco vibe Cosmopolitan Dress” pattern. very first of all, I had difficulty with their Duroesque pattern — not so much in the sewing, as in the comprehension of the instructions, which were written with a Waring blender. (The pattern itself was beautifully drafted.) Also, it’s almost $20. as well as I have a gazillion patterns already lined up to sew. In addition, I am neither Deco nor Cosmopolitan, as well as I have no discernible “vibe”; that leaves only “dress” as a word applicable to me.

However, I love the scoop-neck version (although I may put the other sleeves on it) as well as would like to do the waistband/sash as well as bias binding on the sleeves as well as neck in a contrasting fabric. (Yes, I’m still obsessed with contrasting fabric.)

Luckily for me, the pattern isn’t shipping for “up to 28 days”. So I have some time to choose … or provide in, as the situation may be.

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